Ceramic manufacturers and their suppliers have been busy rolling out 'green' products to meet the demands of consumer seeking products that are more environmentally friendly. But behind scenes, these same companies are making significant changes to their manufacturing operations - in part to reduce their use of natural resources and to save money.

"We are implementing company-wide green initiatives. We recycle everything." says Haribhai Patel, head of Shreeji Ceramic. We operate nearly dozen production lines in four state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Morbi (India) to manufacture a full range of ceramic wall and vitrified floor tiles.

In mid of 2012, the company started a new multi-charged vitrified tiles plant in Morbi. The facility incorporates several other green practices that will make their way into the other Shreeji Ceramic plants. Our commitment to environmentally friendly efficiencies created a new culture within the company and fostered a new way of thinking about solving problems. While going green requires an upfront investment and a dedication from management, the rewards and benefits to the entire company are worth the effort.

Our one of wall tiles plant had been redesigned inside and out to preserve its character while applying completely new technologies in order to improve production efficiency and produce most recent products. The oldest plant in our group is also now under modification.

By incorporating advanced technologies into the production lines, we are able to increase production, improve products quality, save energy and protect the environment. We believe that one of the most important factors of success for business to employ, train and motivate top notch personnel and provide better working area for labour tirelessly and make our plants run at high capacity that meets our valuable customers continuous needs.

2013, we have increased manufacturing capacity with the addition of two production kiln lines to target the rapidly growing demand of the high-definition digital printed wall tiles in a variety of sizes.

Protecting people and the environment is our goal while manufacturing and delivering superior products to our clients. We are improving our manufacturing plants and helping the planet because we believe in





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