Dear Shreeji Ceramic partners and well wishers.

Due to the recent retail boom and new market trends in the ceramic sector, there is a lot of potential for Indian Ceramic industry to become the leading ceramic hub of the world.

It is indeed a proud moment for Shreeji Ceramic to retain its position as the Indiaís mounting ceramic manufacturer and undoubtedly, every Shreeji Ceramic employee, partner and client has played a major role towards the achievement of such a milestone which may have been unimaginable when we started production in 1999. I thank our clientele for their support and assurance to continue enhancing happiness from a groupwide outlook while remaining constantly aware that customers are the core of our business.

Many developments took place at Shreeji Ceramic till the date. We focussed on developing new market segments and we were able to tap new markets by launching 800x800mm Multi-charged Vitrified Tiles & Ultra Pacific White Vitrified Tiles that has generated over-whelming response from our clients. We have recently launched Colorup Digital Printed Tiles Collection targeting Indiaís finest art seeking consumer segment that was not tapped earlier. Parking Proof Vitrified Tiles, which has achieved a remarkable credit. The key to our success is ability to continuously develop innovative new range of products and anticipate the market requirements. So, we hope to continue with this success story in upcoming years.

It has become more difficult than ever to forecast the future due to the increasing competitiveness in our global business environment. To ensure that our company can overcome unforeseeable conditions and continue moving forward, we must accurately assess our environment, make sound decisions and then act quickly, which includes constantly prioritizing our activities and being creative. At the same time, we must speed up our operations by simplifying management structure, clarifying key challenges and communicating closely. As an organization, we have always believed in the importance of communication. The social media is a powerful medium of communication, so we have ensured that ours is up-to-date and informative. We shall continue to forge innovative technology-driven marketing tools to cater to the needs of our tech-savvy customers.

I earnestly believe that the upcoming years will be more challenging and we are confident that we will be able to triumph over any hesitant barriers to ensure Shreeji Ceramicís continued growth and progression of our brand development plans. I hope to see continued support from our clientele to ensure this decade is scripted as another successful era in the magnificent chapters of Shreeji Ceramicís history.

Haribhai Patel
(Head of Shreeji Ceramic)




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